Why We Exist

Housing for Godly Men


All around the World, Missionaries are being called by God to “Go…and preach the Gospel…” Some of these Missionaries are called to stay in their homeland, while others sense that God is leading them abroad. According to an article in Christianity Today, Missionaries are even coming to America. Wherever they are called, most Missionaries are called to a life of faith for their financial provisions. At Phokos, we are providing these men of God with free housing, so they can focus on doing ministry. They bring a unique contribution to the team, as they serve alongside of the other men, letting their light shine through plentiful opportunities of good works and evangelism.

Christian Refugees

Due to ethnic cleansing and religious persecution, many people around the World are forced to leave their homeland, and made to live in overcrowded refugee camps, while they wait to be deported to another country. America opens its doors to more than 70,000 refugees each year. Phokos focuses on a smaller, more manageable, portion of the larger group by providing a place for single, Christian refugee men to live, heal, and adjust through their transition. Their time in the home provides them with a place of support, community with other believers, spiritual growth, acclimation to American living, and fellowship in Kingdom work. Our partnership with local congregations opens a huge network of resources and opportunities for these men of God. In turn, since they will naturally connect with natives from their homeland and other refugees living in America, they are able to effectively minister to many, making their contribution to the ministry and the local church invaluable.

Bible Students

Each year, people from all around the World are called into Christian ministry, and decide to get formal training from one of the many Biblical Institutions around the World. During this time, their desire is to focus on learning, applying what they’re learning, and making key ministry connections that will support their calling. Unfortunately, many of them can’t afford to live on campus, and they struggle to find affordable housing. Because of this, they will take on extra work hours, which ultimately diverts their attention during this crucial time of training. At Phokos, we are providing these Bible students with free housing, so they can focus on preparing for the ministry. Additionally, we provide them with occasions to apply what they are learning through consistent opportunities of good works and evangelism. Finally, by partnering with local Bible believing churches, we open doors for these students to make key ministry connections that will support their calling.

Graduates from Recovery Ministries

This category of men come from some of the very best Bible based recovery ministries in the World. They have been saved, delivered, and made new. Since they have been forgiven much, they are excited about their new life in Christ, and eager to serve Him. Sadly, due to their past, their options for employment and housing are very limited at this stage. Because of this, they will often end up staying in places that aren’t conducive to their spiritual growth. At Phokos, we are providing these men of God with free housing, in a stable Christian environment, surrounded by fellow believers who will build them up spiritually. This new community of fellowship, which increases through our partnership with local churches, works to replace negative patterns with spiritual fruit. These men of God are able to connect with a segment of people in a way that others may not, making their contribution to the team very relevant. As they serve alongside of the other men, letting their light shine through good works and evangelism, they minister to others, and grow spiritually in the process.


Phokos meets two needs simultaneously by providing housing to godly men who need it, so they can share the message of the cross to a World that needs it.


Sharing the Message of the Cross

In Mark 16:15, Jesus said, “Go into all the World and preach the Gospel….” Just a few verses later, in Mark 16:20, we see that Jesus’ followers immediately “… went about preaching everywhere…” We also have 28 chapters in the book of Acts as a historical record of what the early church was doing. When looking at this historical account, it is very evident that Christians in the 1st Century were boldly and actively sharing their faith. Even when they were commanded not to, and threatened with beatings, imprisonment, and death, they continued sharing their faith.

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